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  • Pearce Cucchissi

The Burnout Biomarker Matrix

Being able to see true results within the bodies of our clients has been fantastic.

These readings are taken from our burnout biomarker matrix test. The test were taken 3 months apart, utilizing ZERO supplementation or medication. Strictly lifestyle change and mental shifts taught in our coaching program.

The three highlighted neurotransmitters are keys to understanding positive change in humans. This was taken from an executive in a rapid growth company in the midst of a burnout producing cycle of work.

Serotonin - Happy, emotionally stable, calm, focused

Dopamine - Motivated, Driven, satisfied, empathetic

Epinephrine (adrenaline) - Anxious, restless, shaky, "survival"

Serotonin and dopamine show around a 30 - 40% increase

Epinephrine shows about a 25% decrease

I can tell you that to the client, these shifts "Feel" even bigger.

I know there are many many limits to looking at this data, sample size, number of measurements taken, and the fact that these measurements can fluctuate rapidly. It's simply an interesting observation and provides momentum for the future.

Either way its one small look into a whole world of chemistry.

Even though the data is interesting, the most important factor is how the person "feels."

Unfortunately this is less quantifiable. But the value can be profound.

Many of us are burnt out, and it can be seen in our brains, an obvious call to start working on optimizing our human experiences.

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