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  • Pearce Cucchissi

The Entrepreneur is an Athlete

I do wish there were a way to study the effects of a single intervention on the entirety of performance outcomes for an entrepreneur. Maybe that will be a study one day. It's more easily done with a single-person business.

Here's what I'm interested in seeing. It's been studied that very simple actions, for example, heart and brain coherence techniques performed only for a couple of minutes throughout the day, show a positive effect on things such as memory.

It's my belief that every entrepreneur and executive should treat themselves like an athlete. Memory is a part of their sport, just as catching a ball is for a baseball player.

When we examine the difference made in memory, in this case, in a short amount of time, it raises the question of what overall effect this could have on the performance of their company. The memory changes were directly correlated to actively creating more heart coherence through techniques such as simply placing mindful awareness on the heart. From this, changes in heart rate variability were directly observed.

Science is fascinating and all, but...

Science has its place, and I appreciate how it ignites thought in this field, but we also need to take a look at this in reality. The foundation of the business in this example starts with the person. They had the idea, they executed it, they had thought patterns, and they communicated.

So, it all starts with the human. We accept this in sports but often not in business. So if we know the brain works best in these states, why do we not take the five minutes it takes to do so?

A state of survival always keeps us in the doing of more. This is excellent in some cases but not chronically. So to start getting out of the state of survival, creating coherent heart and brain rhythms can provide a simple, natural, and quick solution.

Train emotional intelligence.

After each meeting, hour, or section of the day, perform a heart coherence reset.

1. Maintain good posture, slow your breath, and breathe from the belly.

2. Imagine you are drawing air in and out of your heart, and with each breath, charge a light where your heart is.

3. Deliberately bring on positive emotions.

This is a straightforward process to understand how each part of our day affects the way we operate. It is a way to reset so that any sort of emotional charge does not accumulate throughout the day.

It's this accumulation that affects us all, as the emotional load compounds, it becomes more challenging to correct, and that's when we tend to turn to our more negative coping mechanisms.

Techniques like this would ideally be taught early in life, which is part of what I seek to do. It's much easier to keep up with this type of development than it is to catch up. A metaphor we often used when running in groups during military training.

Compete for a prize

The etymology of the word "athlete" comes from Greek origins and means to compete for a prize. Does this definition not also make perfect sense in the business world?

Imagine each day and throughout each day you are able to bring yourself back to a state of ease, calm, and growth.

What would be accomplished if you felt like you never needed a break, if you never needed to push anyone or any task away?

Imagine your resilience toward quitting when you had mastery of this, the ability to stick it out all the way until success.

Fulfillment in the process, but the process must not be filled with consistent suffering.

Give it a shot, and report back.

- Pearce

To learn more techniques for self regulation, you can check out some powerful emotional processing techniques here.

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