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10 Challenges to recalibrate your life in 10 days with a 10 minute thought exercise.

This is for humans who experience any level of unintentional suffering, and want to increase their quality of life and their potential for fulfillment.


This short ebook is an entire system to return the mind and body to its natural state, where it operates the best.

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Who is this for?

This ebook is for individuals on a journey of personal development and self-improvement. It's designed for:

  • Seekers of Authenticity: If you're striving to discover who you are, break free from societal expectations, and embrace your authentic path.

  • Aspiring Mentors: If you have valuable life experiences and wisdom to share with others but struggle with self-doubt and limiting beliefs.

  • Truth Seekers: For those who want to connect with the deeper truths of life, confront fear, and prepare for the uncertainties of existence.

  • Self-Improvement Enthusiasts: If you're committed to improving your mind and body, while integrating the two.

  • Creativity Enthusiasts: If you're a writer, creator, or brand looking to tap into your creativity, overcome creative blocks, and generate fresh ideas consistently.


  • Those Seeking Mental Breakthroughs: If you feel stuck in life or creative endeavors and desire a mental breakthrough to regain focus and productivity.

  • Responsibility Advocates: If you're open to the idea of taking responsibility for your experiences and growth.


  • Habit Cultivators: If you're looking to establish enriching habits that nurture your creativity, production and overall well-being.

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The old ways got you to where you are now...

But how do you unlock the next evolution of you?

I devoured self-help books.


I immersed myself in the profound realms of philosophy, neuroscience, spirituality, and every discipline that promised to provide me an understanding.


I diligently transcribed notes, chronicled my journeys, and explored many different perspectives.


But there was a persistent itch in my curious mind. How did these amazing examples of people who seem completely free in mind, body and spirit do it?


Ever had someone ask you how you are doing, and you just say “fine.”


Covering up all of the things that are truly going on inside your head for fear of being seen as different or difficult?


Ever had someone ask you “what do you do?”


And you have a reserved tone that lacks contagious energy because you don't feel aligned with your way of life?


It sucks, and I felt a huge difference in these responses, one when I had my military career, and one afterwards.


I’m sure you understand the idea.


Eventually, I finally got to a place where I felt like all of the different things I was trying were making a difference for me.


It ended up being only small mental shifts and techniques that allowed for much greater breakthroughs


I wrote this document after finally feeling like I had figured something out, and pulled myself out of a rut.  Afterwards I was able to start businesses, regain relationships, health, and a sense of peace and purpose. 


But even with all of that, I still suffered from the fear and limitation of not telling some of my experience to the world.  Another lesson I wrote about.


I still use all the frameworks in these challenges to this day, and will for life.


It is about finding out and experiencing who the real you is, no who we think we should be.

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