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The Ultimate Evolution Experience for Entrepreneurs, executives, and high-performance athletes Who Want to feel Better, Perform Better, and Suffer Less 

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Finally, Get a Clear Path to Less Stress, Meaningful Work, and Stronger Relationships.

Take a moment to visualize yourself  12 months from now.

Imagine what it would be like to look back on the year you set yourself free. You experience the drive, joy, and passion of building your own venture, a new life, and/or your own sense of purpose.


You feel like you are finally following the path the true you were meant to take, no longer living someone else's dream. You've prioritized yourself, built a body and a lifestyle that fosters never-ending energy, strength, and vitality.


You've overcome the fear keeping you stuck, and leaving you frustrated.


You've built a tribe of deep connections, and have activated a mission that has been pulling at you for years and years. You're proud of your past success, you made it to the top, but you know that by following your true calling, by running your own show, you can not only make far more money, but a far deeper impact.


It's as if you've finally been able to exhale...

Nothing holds you back. The days of endless stress, numbing cycles of behavior, outbursts, and self-sabotage feel long gone.


Your community, your family, all notice a light in your eyes, a new energy, and they are deeply attracted to it.


You think, speak, act, and move with clarity and precision. You no longer operate from survival, you create your own reality. Your confidence is unshakeable.


You trust yourself, you trust your strategies. Unstoppable.


Pain has subsided, and you feel a lingering sense of joy knowing you're part of something far greater. You've broken the chains and now move through life with ease.


You're free to do what you want, to be who you want, to feel how you want. And you know nothing can take that away.

You have created all of this, and you're proud of it.

What High Performers Say About The Program

"Before working with Pearce, my job was extremely stressful and came with significant responsibilities, which often led to feelings of stress and overload. However, since starting to work with Pearce and implementing the concepts and coaching, I have seen significant improvements not only in my physical health but also in my mental wellbeing. Regular morning exercises, meditation, and breathing techniques have helped me become more present and focused than ever before.

I now live each day with a clear purpose, prioritizing the important things in life. Working with Pearce has had a tremendous impact on my ability to work effectively, lead people, and overcome challenges within the organization. Additionally, I have learned important techniques to disconnect from work and improve my family life. What's more, working with Pearce has been not only powerful but also incredibly enjoyable. I am deeply grateful for the positive impact it has had on me."

European President: Healthcare

"Pearce coaches are really knowledgeable and can apply their knowledge and experience to a range of challenges. He provides tangible, useful and impactful actions that brought immediate positive change. Highly recommended."

HR Executive

"The time working with Pearce has been very beneficial to how I approach each day. I find myself being much more intentional and trying to get to a full deliberate routine. Although I have more growing to do, I am happy with the support, tools and coaching that I am receiving and know I am on the right path!"



The traditional human operating model

Believe what we feel is normal is just the way it is.


Deal with our problems through either increasing the chaos, or numbing ourselves.


Neglect what we know we should do, or truly want to do, because we accept “things got in the way” without questioning that logic.


Caffeine to get up, scrolling, pills, a drink, or a smoke to go to sleep.


Losing connection to life outside of work.


Letting the past hold us hostage to finding peace.


Overwhelmed, burned out, bored, and maybe not even aware of it.


Feeling a lack of purpose, meaning, feeling like what we have isn’t actually what we were seeking.


Lying to ourselves.

Emotion cicle 2.png

It's not just you, we all fall on this continuum

I have seen this pattern in the vast majority...


In myself, athletes in the NFL, NHL, MLB, and UFC.


In executives in finance, tech, real estate, medicine, and entertainment.


And of course those in the military.


Our typical education model teaches us how to be tough and persevere, which is great in the moment when we need to use it, but it doesn’t help us build what it seems we’re all seeking.​


Joy, purpose, connection, peace, fulfillment.


For those of us who have done well in our chosen path, these feelings won’t just come, we have to create them.


It wasn’t until I took responsibility for absolutely everything that was happening in and around me that I started to see a way to what I felt was the right direction.


My goal is to give you the tools to keep yourself in a constant state of expansion.


No hand-holding, you don’t need that, you just need some confidence in your abilities and the right tools.


This is the process of building self-efficacy.  Human’s feel and operate best in a state of expansion and growth.

Level 0

"I am unaware, inconsistent, and i don't really care."

Level 1

"I am aware of the benefits and starting to gain knowledge, but i'm inconsistent."

Level 2

"I am knowledgeable and consistent, but I feel stagnant" 

Level 3

"I am consistently expanding my knowledge and application to maintain continuous growth in a conscious effort, I have confidence in my ability to create my ultimate reality."

great transformation stories from PREVIOUS clients

"My experience working with Pearce has been fantastic! Their coaching has really opened up a perspective that has helped me reflect and process situations with more balance, focus and intent. The Body, Spirit, Relationships and Work matrix is an excellent tool to focus on the most important things in all of the most important areas of life. His coaching and awareness building around creating a state change when needed is game changing for me and something that is so important when life is full, stressful and has a lot of competing priorities. Through visualization, breathing and thought provoking discussions have been extremely valuable. The use of Pearce for writing, reflecting and capturing various situations, feelings and action planning is another element that contributed to some personal improvements (verified by my wife and those closest to me). While the focus on these areas is a lifelong process, having these tools and awareness is extremely beneficial for a better quality of daily life in many ways - specifically in Body, Spirit, Relationships and Work. I highly recommend this experience as I think anyone in high pressure, consuming and stressful jobs can greatly benefit."

CHRO: Manufacturing

"Pearce is an excellent conduit for sustained success and higher  personal growth. His ability to communicate and resonate make him the top coach I have ever had the pleasure of working with. I am very thankful for the journey and exploration we embarked on. He is truly a consummate professional. Thank you again Pearce."

Real Estate Agent

"No one is prepared for the task of running large teams. Stress, overwhelm, and burnout are real, if we want to continue to make progress at our current pace we must implement a performance plan to get our personal systems operating with ease. Within one session, I understood how big of an impact this process can make."

Tech VP: Amazon

"I was stuck in a rut, feeling unfulfilled in my career. This program helped me rediscover my passion and purpose. I now wake up excited to tackle each day, knowing that I'm working towards something meaningful. It's transformed my life in ways I couldn't have imagined."

Physician: Optometry

"Overall this was helpful first in simply taking the time out week over week to reflect and focus on myself and my growth. I learned many valuable exercises and thought processes that I am able to replicate every day. The way I used to end my work days at the beginning of my time to now is almost like viewing two different individuals, that change alone would make this course valuable. Many things discussed I educated my direct team on in the hope that they too can grow in a similar fashion. An experience like this is very customizable and something I think everyone should attempt."

Head of Business Development

"Pearce allowed me to gather the strength and confidence to work less and live more in my life. I helped me overcome my fears of feeling irrelevant. My relevance in the world has nothing to do with my job title. it has everything to do with me being a human living a life fully lived."

Chairman: Real estate Lending

"Working with Pearce has honestly transformed my life and the way I think. I have a new way forward and feel so much better about the direction im going. I have taken everything I have learned and made them habits, something i struggled with in the past. I should have done this type of work years ago."

Fintech Entrepreneur

"I've been in the finance  world for over 20 years, and I can confidently say that this  has been a game-changer. It's like a secret weapon for success. The mindset shift alone is worth its weight in gold."

Venture Capital Partner

"Emotional intelligence was never my strong suit. Pearce’ss focus on emotional intelligence has not only improved my relationships but also my personal well-being. I'm more in control of my emotions and better equipped to handle stress. It's been a transformational journey."

Financial Advisor

There is a limiting belief or set of beliefs in all of us. Reprogram them, and find freedom


There’s where you are, and where you want to be.


And in between those is a set of self-imposed limitations that we accept as truths.


Most of us have never dug deep enough to find them let alone use natural ways of reprogramming.


And that’s ok, we can’t fix what we can’t see.


But once you see it, there’s no going back.


And all of a sudden you’re on a new path, the path you were really seeking.

Experience the data

There is no substitute for how this shift feels and affects your life. 


But we all love to see evidence of what we have done, like weight on a scale, or numbers in a bank account.


The best way we can measure feeling states within the body, beyond self-reported data, is through neurotransmitters.


Here is a small sample of the neurotransmitters we tested just over a three-month period.


I’ve selected just three: dopamine, Serotonin, and Epinephrine.

Here are some avg. results of people just like you (the numbers show the average throughout an entire day.)

Dopamine plays the role of the “reward center”; drive, motivation, reward for doing things, and purpose.

Optimal: 144 - 240

Pre Paradigm SHIFT: 91 μg/g


Post Paradigm SHIFT: 38% increase


Serotonin is our feel-good neurotransmitter; presence, fulfillment, satisfaction, and happiness.

Optimal: 61 - 103

Pre Paradigm SHIFT: 45.9 μg/g

Post Paradigm SHIFT: 37% increase

Epinephrine is adrenaline in the brain. Useful at times, but not something we want elevated chronically.

Optimal: 1.4 - 4.2

Pre Paradigm SHIFT: 4.2 μg/g

Post Paradigm SHIFT: 22% decrease


Here's what to do next:

Click the button below and book a 30-minute discovery call with me or my team. We will do a deep dive, and together, will decide where to go from there.

I will only work with those who I believe will experience a deep positive impact.

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