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Revolutionize your Team and Company  performance

Get the Keys to Becoming a  Burnout-Proof  Team of High-Achievers Working In Total Alignment

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Simple Methods That Produce Exponential Growth For Companies

I first recognized a need for a change in the way we approached well-being and performance during my time in military special operations.


The change had to be a cultural shift from the top to truly affect change throughout the ranks.


This sparked a need to build a system that could affect the human system in an integrated way.


The number of employees that report being burnt out in the past 12 months continues to grow.


This leaves them unsatisfied, frustrated, lacking clarity, decreases team cohesion and retention.


Whether it’s teams of 5 or 5,000.  Bringing in some simple methods for reducing burnout within a workforce can have an exponential effect on the culture of the company and its overall performance.


Unlock Your Team's  Fullest Potential 

Skyrocket Performance


Change Lives


Shift Culture


Maximize Potential


Empowering Executives and Teams to:

Conquer burnout, overcome imposter syndrome, achieve work-life balance, utilize vulnerability, and boost productivity;

While addressing the hidden struggles that often go unnoticed by organizations.

The Problem:

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Engagement is Lacking

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Stress is Elevated

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Leadership is Challenged

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Increased Resistance to Change

When under pressure, many disengage from work.

Gallup finds that 71% of the workforce finds themselves disengaged actively or passively.

This creates a noticeable decline in creative output and performance.

The Solution:

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Resilient Leadership

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Wellbeing/Performance Improvements

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Openness to Change

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Engagement & Devotion

Employees who feel empowered and in alignment with the organizations mission are actively more engaged.


Our program guides individuals to take responsibility for the way they think and act, which directly leads to more productive and profitable engagement.


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The goal is to always deliver an experience that is tailored to the specific needs of the organization.


Interactions begin small and are often ongoing, starting from just a 2 hour experience and growing to multi-year relationships.

  • Initial Contact & Consultation

  • Custom Content & Plan Solutions

  • Deliver Initial Experience

  • Develop Deeper Impact Projects

  • Evaluate Results

3 Levels of impact






In Person

Leadership development coaching  Paradigm SHIFT


A process of ensuring that a leadership team has the skills and experience necessary to flourish for an extended period of time.

In Person or Online speaking and workshops 


Burnout is a pervasive issue within organizations across the globe.  Awareness is low and so are applicable measures to combat it and assess it.  These engagements are designed to give organizations the basic foundation of what is needed to maintain resilience under pressure and flourish.

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Offsite experiences


 Transformational experiences held deep in the mountains of Idaho at a private location, offsite experiences are designed to teach practical tools for embracing the unknown, balancing the nervous system, and performing under pressure.  This week long experience is designed for individuals and teams to experience their own next level of growth

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