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Are You Ready for a  Mind Shift ?

The 10-minute MIND SHIFT system (with digital templates) will teach you how to free your mind, clear negative emotions, and create a sense of peace, contentment, and purpose.

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My story started like the rest...


I couldn’t control the craziness going on inside my head.  I could only escape.


I couldn’t help but fight things outside of my circumstances, for fear of losing control.


I wasted tons of energy, put pressure on relationships, and failed to use time wisely, all because I couldn’t reset my state.


Things aren’t perfect now, I'm still human.  But I know now that at the end of each day, I can sleep with a clear mind, a new purpose for the next day, and the energy to make it happen.

Along the way, I learned a few things;​


Energy that is not processed, is stored and amplified.


Our stories create our reality


True power is in the hands of the internally free.

You Were Not Built For Modern Life - And That’s OK...

We live modern lives, but our DNA is that of our ancestors.

We are no longer connected to many of the old ways of healing, or to the ways our bodies and minds function best.

But we don’t need to dwell on that, we just have to find a way to adapt.

If you don’t relate to any of these next bullets feel free to keep looking for answers elsewhere.

  • You are someone who can’t sleep at night due to racing thoughts

  • You often can’t seem to get a problem out of your head or snap out of a bad mood

  • You feel a lot of anxiety, frustration, or sadness

  • You want to feel “unstuck”

  • You’re a person who knows they have more potential

  • You’re someone who wants to improve their relationships

  • You find yourself not wanting to be social, binge-watching TV, drinking often, taking pills to help you sleep, or eating for comfort.

  • You seem to get stuck in cycles of fear or negativity

  • You want to learn how to better your mindset

I could keep going, but I think you get the point.

An efficient, intentional mental shift might just be the greatest skill there is

It’s the one thing that sets us free

"Before working with Pearce, my job was extremely stressful and came with significant responsibilities, which often led to feelings of stress and overload. However, since starting to work with Pearce and implementing the concepts and coaching, I have seen significant improvements not only in my physical health but also in my mental wellbeing. Regular morning exercises, meditation, and breathing techniques have helped me become more present and focused than ever before.

I now live each day with a clear purpose, prioritizing the important things in life. Working with Pearce has had a tremendous impact on my ability to work effectively, lead people, and overcome challenges within the organization. Additionally, I have learned important techniques to disconnect from work and improve my family life. What's more, working with Pearce has been not only powerful but also incredibly enjoyable. I am deeply grateful for the positive impact it has had on me."

European President: Healthcare

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How The  Mind-Shift System  Works…

The system is a series of writing that when executed properly allows us to take a 3rd person point of view.

It’s very simple, interactive, and can be done quickly.

I typically do the exercise either first thing in the morning or last thing at night.  

It can also be helpful as a bridge between work and personal life.

90% of people won’t do this because it can be difficult, just like exercise.

But that’s how you stand out and evolve

This specific process of processing what’s going on in my head has kept me from sleepless nights, negative visions and emotional surges during the day, and nightmares, while allowing me to enjoy the things I used to an even higher degree than before.

Get Access to the  10-Minute Mind Shift System  For Only $27!

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Knowing what I know now, I’d pay many thousands for this knowledge

But I believe the world will be a better place if we know how to clear our minds and spirits. 

So instead, I wanted to make it accessible to all. The only reason it isn’t free, is so that you feel like you have some skin in the game. A little buy-in to commit. 

What  High Performers Like You  Say About The System


Johnny Efram

"The mental processing has been a huge help, I was absolutely terrified of public speaking but have been able to work through a lot of that with the visualization, breath work, and presence of mind techniques taught in the blueprint allowing me to become a better leader. Thank you."


Amir Amani

"All I can say is Wow. Do it. If you don't have ten minutes, you don't have a life."


Rob Anuzzi

"I work in private equity and my work life balance has suffered severely. I never felt present with my family and it was causing multiple issues for me. Mental shifting has significantly assisted my transition from work to personal life to make sure I'm maximizing both. I've never had this clarity before."


Julia Hernandez-Ortiz

"I work in private equity and my work life balance has suffered severely. I never felt present with my family and it was causing multiple issues for me. Mental shifting has significantly assisted my transition from work to personal life to make sure I'm maximizing both. I've never had this clarity before."


Zach Smith

"I've always felt very closed off, even though I work in PR. The mental shifting has really allowed me to created a better connection with others and get out of my shell. I think much of it has to do with releasing limitations and old issues that impacted me over the years. I wish I learned to shift my mindset effectively earlier. But im glad I have it now, highly recommend."


Rick Ho

"I run a tech company with 130+ employees. I feel like I come home everyday holding onto their worries and issues because I feel responsible as the leader. Mental shifting has taught me that I can still help them, if not even more effectively, by getting my mind clear, prioritizing myself, and coming back to work with a fresh perspective and a good night's sleep. This will soon become a mandatory process for issues within the company."


KellyAnne Gordon

"I've tried a lot of things to gain clarity on how to fix my relationships or not hold onto the past. Nothing really seemed to work. The mental shifting process was the one thing where I felt like once I had dealt with an issue it didn't come back with anywhere near the same intensity. It's been such a great practice in acceptance. I've even taught it to my kids. Game changer."

Here are  4 bonuses  you’ll Also get Today

Amplify and Systemize Positive Experience 
We don't just want to remove the negative, we want to amplify and understand the positive aspects of what goes on.  Most of us don’t consciously look to build on our positive experiences, we just pass them by as if they were supposed to be there and take them for granted. This will change all of that.

Centering Practices 
You’ll learn to quickly center yourself to create presence, focus, and relaxation. This is easy to do and eventually you can train yourself to get to this state in seconds.

Database of Interactive Prompts 
You’ll get access to premade writing practices that will send notes right back to your email. This will help you create the guidebook for which you want to live by. Set by the real you, and no one else.

10 Challenges to Recalibrate Your Life Ebook 
You’ll get access to some of the simple tools and perspective changes that helped me completely reset my path, and allowed me to feel as though I was performing optimally again.

You’ve Got Questions: I’ve Got Answers

Is this a video course? An Ebook?
It's a very simple PDF you can read in one session. The deep level of value is in the online exercises.

How long will it take before I start seeing results?
Immediately. You’ll get better and better at doing this over time, but you’ll see immediate results if you follow the directions.

For how long will I get access to the product?
You'll have access for life and updates for free.

How do I know it will work for me?
If you’re a human, it will work ;)

Will anyone see what I’m writing about?
Everything is completely anonymous, the only person who sees it is you.

Your Future is in Your Hands If you Choose to Accept it

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Learn the most important skill you were never taught in school (without spending $10,449 per year on therapy or even more on coaching.

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