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For Leaders and High-Performance Teams Looking to…

Feel better. perform better. suffer less. 

Trialed by Fire, Supported in Science.



Where do i start?

Gain clarity, Train your mind & body, and learn stress-proof skills.

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Become unstuck, find resilience, know yourself.  The first step to freedom.


Take a racing mind, and make it crystal clear, laser-focused, and at peace.

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Made for entrepreneurs, executives, and high-performance athletes.

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Deep positive impact transformations for companies and teams.


Explore Your Curiosity

Deep dives on human potential, lifestyle design, and holistic health and performance

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Who I Am? 

Meet Pearce Cucchissi 

A trusted advisor to executive teams of high-growth companies, visionary entrepreneurs, and pro athletes.
These are all highly successful individuals seeking to alleviate unintentional suffering to maximize fulfillment and potential.
They seek to learn how to actively control their state, process emotions, and train their minds for clarity so they can optimize all aspects of their life, all with simple daily solutions.

The entire philosophy and the tactics used to help transform and optimize others were born not out of the “needs of the market” but from a genuine necessity to help myself, and a deep desire to help others seeking optimization, and those looking to make a positive change for themselves. My time in military special operations gave me world-class tools and experience in the toughness of the mind and body, and the ability to make clear decisions and actions under extreme pressure. But it also had me massively run down and blindly addicted to stress. Resilience was something I had to learn afterward, as I had to rebuild my mental fitness and life after leaving the military only 2 months after my final trip to Afghanistan. I dove deep into the science of mind/body optimization with the world's top experts and rigorously tested the teachings on myself and those I worked with. This coaching process has gone through war and back, and has given me freedom inside my body, spirit, relationships, and work. Now, I coached professional athletes, executives leading billion-dollar teams, and military special operators. What I've learned is that our education has lacked the necessary tools to wholly thrive as humans in a modern world. I act as a guide to help you help yourself, and only through this can you have the impact you desire. But you must give yourself the permission to do so.

Clients and testimonials

"Evolve allowed me to gather the strength and confidence to work less and live more in my life. I helped me overcome my fears of feeling irrelevant. My relevance in the world has nothing to do with my job title. it has everything to do with me being a human living a life fully lived."

JP C. Chairman Peak7 Mortgage


The key components

  • Deep Understanding
    Identifying your own root causes of burnout, boredom, and stress for lasting transformation
  • Resilience Toolkit
    Building mental, physical, and emotional resilience with proven, science based tools and techniques.
  • Personalized Support
    Collaborating one-on-one with a dedicated coach to develop a customized plan that aligns with individual needs and goals
  • Accountability
    Ensuring progress and results through consistent guidance and support from your coach
  • Burnout Biomarker matrix
    Medically monitored Neurophysiology testing of burnout in the brain and body. Sometimes we are blind to what is happening inside, this allows us to see clearly.

Our Tribe

Providing some of the most prominent companies, in Tech, Finance, Professional Sports, Real Estate, and Private Equity, a custom solution to employee health and performance either on site or virtually.

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Are you ready? 

Start the path toward the next version of yourself by getting the “You Are Not Who You Think You Are” ebook for free.

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